The card method might not work for US bank cards due to sanctions. Please use PayPal, cryptocurrency, or Stripe if they are currently available on the website (not on Funpay).

  1. Log in or register a new account here:

    The registration will take you only a few minutes.


  1. Join our Discord server and open a FUNPAY ticket in #SUPPORT JOIN


You can also contact us on funpay directly: NotBlind or Antrakt

Some offers aren't enabled by default, make sure to contact us first before purchasing anything!

  1. WAIT FOR A LINK FROM US. Then follow it and choose a payment method.

    If you're having troubles with the card payment, use the World 2 option a few times. It should work after 2-3 try.


  1. After the payment, an order will be created, and we will send you a key and files via chat. Once you have received them, please press 'Confirm order fulfillment'.

    IMPORTANT: Don't forget to press 'Confirm order fulfillment' after receiving the product! If you go offline without confirming, your key will be banned!